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Change your email address.

It is easy to update your email address, just follow the steps below:

 -Click on the main menu (upper left corner)

 -Select your profile

 -Click on the email text field to edit

 Note! Your future travel receipts will go to your new email.


Change your phone number

Each account is linked to a specific phone number that cannot be changed. You can use a new number on the app by creating a new account.

 It's easy:

  • Go to your profile under the main menu (upper left corner)
  • Click on the log-out icon (upper right corner)
  • Enter your new phone number and confirmation code obtained via SMS
  • If you for some reason do not receive a confirmation code sent via SMS:
  • Restart your mobile phone; alternatively, you can switch to aircraft mode and then disable it.
  • Try logging in again via SMS. Wait 60 seconds for SMS to go through
  • If SMS does not come through, try the call option
  • If the phone call fails, contact your service provider
  • Note! Your previous travel history cannot be transferred to your new account.


Update or save an address

You can save and edit the two most used addresses - home and work, which will be filled automatically when you book tours.

  • Click on the main menu (upper left corner)
  • Select your profile
  • Click on the address bar to add / edit
  • You can also enable calendar events on iOS. This allows your account to automatically retrieve event addresses from the phone's calendar.

Delete your account

Please let us know if there is a problem, we can fix for you to stay with us.

  • But if you want your account removed, we have made it easier for you by pressing contact vasataxi via this article in app.
  • After confirming deleting your account, we will not be able to recover it. Your account and any information associated with it will be permanently deleted, including your credit card.

Note! Although we have deleted your data, we still retain information such as invoices and payment information to comply with the law and as stated in our Payments and Pricing


Cancellation fee

Cancellation fees are applied in the following situations:

You cancel a travel request when the driver accepts it after 3 minutes

When you book a travel, you have 3 minutes to cancel free of charge, after 3 minutes there is a cancellation fee of SEK 75.


About us

The application is the smart way to travel, all with your smart phone and three small buttons.

  • Press and look for your trip.
  • Press and book your trip.
  • Tap and finish your trip.

-Your prints provide drivers to you for the best driving experience of your life, each trip being better than the previous.
-No hassle with guidance as your driver knows exactly where you want to go.
-Payment is made via your credit card.
-Sit back and enjoy your ride!