Management of your personal data and your right to them

You are entitled to your personal data and it is important for us that you can easily have control over them. Here you can read how we work with your personal data and how you can proceed with considerations. You can also get a more detailed description via the link: Our privacy policy.


What data we process and how we process them

We process the personal information that is available to enable and as proper, smooth and safe taxi travel as possible. The legal basis that we use to process your personal data is agreement and, when clearly stated, consent.

These are the principles we follow to protect your privacy:

  • We only collect information that is available to deliver the service
  • We only use your personal data for specific purposes
  • We only store your personal data for as long as possible for the purpose

Your right to your personal data

  • GDPR began to apply on May 25, 2018 and according to this you have rights regarding your personal data and how they are processed by the so-called personal data controller, Vasa Taxi is the personal data controller for you as a customer. You can read more about GDPR via the link:
  • You have no other right to know what information about you is registered with a data controller, to correct errors and to "be forgotten", that is, your data is deleted.
  • With a user profile you have the opportunity to exercise your rights through self-service directly in our app. or web booking. There you can follow your travel history and also have the opportunity to change your information and delete your profile.