Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions specify the conditions for the use of the Vasataxi App, which connects passengers with drivers in order for passengers to be able to move in cities more efficiently.

The terms "us" and "we" refer partly to the owner of the Vasataxi App, Vasataxi, a private limited company founded in Stockholm Vasa Skeppet AB Org. No: 559214-9099, our seat is located in Stockholm available via https://vasataxi.se

In order to use the Vasataxi App, you must accept the terms below.

1. Use of the Vasataxi App

1.1 Vasataxi AB provides an information service and not a transport service. Transportation services are instead provided by the drivers under a separate agreement with you. The drivers provide transport services independently (either through their own company or through companies) as traders and service providers. All disputes relating to consumer rights, legal obligations or Applicable law on transport services must thus be resolved between passengers and drivers. Information on drivers and their transport services is available in the Vasataxi App and travel receipts are sent to the e-mail address stated in the passenger's profile.

1.2 When using the Vasataxi App, you pay the driver by using the Vasataxi App. Payment or through Discount code credit according to point 2. Vasa Skeppet AB has the right to introduce other payment methods. Payments for Vasataxi Business, travel is handled through a separate agreement for Business, Travel. The costs will include Applicable taxes when required by law. The costs may also include other Applicable fees, duties, and / or surcharges including booking fees, municipal tolls, airport charges or processing fees for partial payments.

1.3 When installing the Vasataxi App, the passenger's mobile number is linked to the respective user account at Vasataxi and added to our database. If you no longer use your mobile number, you must notify Vasataxi within 1 week so that we can identify your account details. If you do not notify us that your number has changed, your mobile operator may give your old number to a new person who, by using the Vasataxi App, may see your information.

2. Discount codes

2.1 Vaasa Taxi may send you discount codes in connection with marketing campaigns. Discount code credit can be used as payment in the execution of a trip, or on other features or benefits associated with the service and / or a third-party service and which are subject to any additional terms that Apply per marketing campaign. Discount codes expiry dates will Appear in the Vasataxi App as soon as you have added the discount code to your account.

2.2 If your trip exceeds the amount corresponding to the redeemable credit, the difference will automatically be deducted from your account's payment method. A discount code credit is valid per trip and it cannot be transferred on an upcoming trip. Only one discount code can be used per trip.

2.3 Vasataxi reserves the right to revoke discount codes at any time and for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, if Vasataxi considers the codes to be used in an illegal or fraudulent manner, has been issued in error or has expired.

3. Vasataxi in App. Payment

3.1 You can pay for the transport services by debit card through In App. Payment. By providing In App. Payment represents Vasataxi's providers of transport services. Your payment obligation to the carrier of the transport service will be fulfilled when payment orders are given to transfer funds to the Vasataxi bank account. You as a passenger are responsible both for the payment being made and for ensuring that financial means are available.

3.2 When making payments through Vasataxi In App. Payment, Vasataxi will receive your payment and forward it to the driver. Vasataxi may request additional information from you to verify the payment method.

3.3 When making payments for transport services through Vasataxi in App. Payment, Vasataxi takes no responsibility for any third-party charges (e.g. mobile operators, bank charges). These service providers may charge you additional costs in handling payments made through Vasataxi In App. Payment, Your payment method may also be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by any payment service provider; Please review these terms before using the selected payment method.

3.4 Vasataxi will take responsibility for the functionality of Vasataxi in App. Payment and offer support to solve any problems. Resolving payment disputes in connection with Vasataxi in App. Payment is also made through us. For payment support, please contact info@vasataxi.se Requests submitted via email address or the Vasataxi App will be answered within one business day. Vasataxi will handle complaints and inquiries related to Vasataxi in App. Payment within two business days.

3.5. Fixed price. You can be given the opportunity to use a travel alternative which means that you can Approve a fixed tariff for a given transport service (so-called "fixed price"). Fixed price is communicated to you via the Vasataxi App before ordering the trip. Fixed price should not Apply if you change destination during the journey, the journey takes considerably longer than calculated e.g. factors such as traffic, road conditions, weather conditions, or when unforeseen circumstances have a significant impact on the trip (e.g. if a route where customs is Applied is used).

3.6 Receipt. After the journey is completed and your card has been debited, you will be provided with a digital receipt. The receipt includes information about the fare charged for the trip, the vehicle registration number, date, time, destination and destination as well as the duration of the trip. The receipt will be sent to the email address you have provided in your profile. Vasataxi requires that drivers must report the fare for the trip correctly in accordance with Applicable tax rules and taxi regulations such as the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations on taxi traffic.

4. Order and cancellation of transport services

4.1 If you order a transport service and the driver has undertaken the driving, the transport service is considered to be ordered.

4.2 As soon as a driver confirms that he / she will complete your journey, you sign a separate agreement with the driver regarding the provision of the trip based on conditions agreed with the driver. Vasataxi does not offer travel and is not a party to the agreement with the current driver.

4.3 Cancellation of an ordered transport service is considered to occur when the driver has responded to your order and you subsequently refuse, cancel or refuse the transport service. When a transport service request is canceled after a 3-minute period, you have to pay a cancellation fee of SEK 75.

4.4 If you cancel a transport service request several times during a 24-hour period, we may temporarily disable your account as a warning. After several such alerts, we may disable your account for an extended period (e.g. 1 Week). After that period, you can request that your account be reactivated, and your request will be reviewed by Vasataxi.

4.5 When the driver notifies the passenger that the vehicle has arrived at its destination, and the passenger or persons for whom the transport was ordered are not present at the vehicle within a 5 minute period specified in the Vasataxi App, the order is considered canceled. Sometimes drivers may cancel your order, please note that Vasataxi is not responsible for such documents.

4.6 Once the driver has arrived and sent a notice to you that he / she has arrived, the Vasataxi App may start charging a taxi based on waiting time in accordance with fees specified in the Vasataxi App.

4.7 If you have ordered transport services through the Vasataxi App and damage the driver's vehicle or its equipment (e.g. by causing stains or discolorations, or causing the vehicle to become smelly), the driver shall be entitled to claim a penalty of up to SEK 1000. , as well as claiming compensation for any damages that exceed the penalty. If you do not pay the penalty and / or compensate the damages, Vasataxi can collect the claims on behalf of the transport service provider.

5. Hours Off-line

5.1 When you have been online for 13 hours, you will only be able to receive new orders after taking a compulsory break of at least 6 consecutive hours.

5.2 Limited Driving Time
To ensure the safety of traffic and maintain good quality of the platform limits. Vasataxi driving time to a maximum of 13 hours from the time you go online. The time you spend off-line is not counted towards your driving hours.

5.3 Health and Safety

Please make sure you rest during the break so that you are alert and rested when it is time to drive again. The amount of rest needed is individual and can vary greatly from person to person, but you should rest uninterruptedly for at least 6 hours.

6. Price Information

6.1 Regular car all days Compare prices: SEK 215 round the clock except major holidays.

Starting fee: 45 SEK
Km price: 8 SEK
Minute price: 6 SEK

6.2 Large car 5-7 people
Starting fee: 75 SEK
Km price: 16 SEK
Minute price: 10 SEK

6.3 Premium car
Starting fee: 45 SEK
Km price: 13 SEK
Minute price: 10 SEK

6.4 Holidays
Easter Eve, Easter Day, Valborg Fair, May 1st, Sweden's National Day, Midsummer Eve, Midsummer Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day

6.5 Standard car holidays Compare prices: SEK 240
Starting fee: 45 SEK
Per km: 9 SEK
Per minute: 7 SEK

6.6 Premium car
Starting fee: 45 SEK
Km price: 13 SEK
Minute price: 10 SEK

7. Permission to use the Vasataxi App

7.1 As long as you use these Terms and Conditions, you are granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive, license to use and use the Vasataxi App in accordance with these Terms, Privacy Notices and the Applicable App. great conditions. You may not transfer or sublicense your right to use the Vasataxi App. In the event that your right to use the Vasataxi App is revoked, the associated non-exclusive license will also be revoked.

8. Responsibility

8.1 Since the Vasataxi App is an information service (a means of communication) between passengers and drivers, we cannot guarantee or assume any responsibility for the quality, availability or fault of the transport services.

8.2 The Vasataxi App does not offer and do not provide transport services for passengers. The Vasataxi App is used exclusively as a means of organizing the provision of transport services.

8.3 Consumers' possible right to a refund does not Apply to orders through the Vasataxi App. The request for reimbursement for transport services does not mean that you waive the agreement under which the transport service was ordered.

8.4 The Vasataxi App is provided "as is" and "as available". Vasataxi does not guarantee or guarantee that access to the Vasataxi App will be uninterrupted or error free. In the event that software errors are detected, we will endeavor to have them fixed as soon as possible, but please note that the functionality of the Vasataxi App may be limited due to temporary technical errors, and that we are unable to guarantee that Vasa the taxi App will always work.

8.5 Vasataxi, its representatives, management and employees are not responsible for any loss or damage that may result from the use of the Vasataxi App, including, but not limited to:

8.5.1 Direct or indirect damage to property or financial loss.

8.5.2 Non-profits.

8.5.3 Loss of contracts, contacts, goodwill, reputation and any loss that may occur as a result of business interruptions.

8.5.4 Loss of or incorrect data; and mm

8.5.5 Any other type of loss or damage, etc.

8.6 Vasataxi's total financial responsibility towards you is limited to SEK 1000. You only have the right to claim damages for damages that Vasataxi knowingly caused. Vasataxi will not be responsible for any acts, or failure to act, performed by the driver and will not be liable for any damage caused by the driver to the passengers.

8.7 You agree that you will fully comply with Vasataxi. Representatives, employees and management indemnified against claims or losses, including any liability, damages, costs and expenses of any kind incurred as a result of your use of the Vasataxi App including the travel you receive through the use of the Vasataxi App.

8.8 Vasataxi may immediately terminate your use of the Vasataxi App if you violate these Terms and Conditions, or if we deem it necessary to protect Vasataxi's privacy or driver's safety.

9. Exercise when using the Vasataxi App

9.1 Since Vasataxi is not a provider of transport services, all problems relating to errors in the performance of the transport services will be resolved in accordance with Applicable laws and regulations for transport service providers.

9.2 We ask you to fill out the feedback form in the Vasataxi App. This gives us the opportunity to offer suggestions to our drivers for them to be able to improve the quality of their service.

9.3 We expect you to use the Vasataxi App Appropriately and respectfully respect the drivers who offer their services through the Vasataxi App. Vasataxi reserves the right to close your account if you have breached the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions or if you, for example, withholds payment, misbehaves or acts disrespectfully towards the drivers. In these cases, your account in the Vasataxi App can be suspended without warning.

9.4 Vasataxi will do its utmost to ensure that only drivers who behave in a professional and professional manner towards their passengers use the Vasataxi App. However, we are unable to guarantee that every provider of transport service, via the Vasataxi App, always meets the above. If a driver has acted incorrectly in any respect, please notify the company responsible for the transportation service, a regulatory authority or our customer service.

10. Additions to the General Terms and Conditions

10.1 If any significant changes are made to the General Terms and Conditions, you will be informed of this via e-mail or notices in the Vasataxi App. If you continue to use the Vasataxi App, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes.

11. Final Terms

The General Terms and Conditions and the Agreement shall be governed by, interpreted and Applied in accordance with Estonian law. If a dispute as a result of the General Terms or the Agreement cannot be resolved through dialogue and negotiations, the dispute shall be resolved in Stockholm. If any provision of the General Terms and Conditions is not considered valid, the parties shall replace the provision in question with an enforceable provision having Approximately the same intent and economic effect as the exchanged provision.

Date of entry into force of the General Terms and Conditions: 2020-06-01